About poetry + function

“What makes us give value to the things we use on a daily basis? What makes us cherish something? Why does an object have significance for us? How does an old pair of jeans can become a favourite, or even an application become a friend. Because they are beautiful? Not if they don’t fit. Not if it doesn’t work.

Why shouldn’t an application be soulful? Why is functionality subordinated in making an art book? Isn’t art just demanding be seen in the best way to communicate its soul? And isn’t an application better for having a soul rather than drowning in simple functionality?

I believe, as a designer, my job is to push borders, to explore, to find solutions, to create significance. To work and to build, to embody the effort and ambition of my client and to bring this to light. Always bearing in mind that this solution should become the users favorite.”

About graphic design

“I love graphic design. The excitement for me is the fact that graphic design ultimately gathers together all the components of a medium. How the fibres of paper appear as they absorb the ink and so enable the viewer to visualize the natural real canvas in the pages of a book. How oil based inks brighten colours in the same way as light does on a vertical canvas. While, at the same time giving the paper a different “feel”. Weaving these elements together creates a strong and unique identity. In doing so, these components all contribute to the customer’s journey. As a designer I consider exploring this potential, my responsibility.”

Corwin Verdonk has worked as a graphic designer since 2000. He has worked with with several design agencies such as Will van Sambeek & Cie and UXUS, and is mentor in design at Rockstart. Currently, he is working in his workshop in Amsterdam, on projects for clients in the fields of art, print and the cirular economy.